Keeping Your Deck Looking Good

Keeping your deck maintained is important since your deck is an extension of your home. Your deck is likely a favorite place for spending time with friends, relaxing on the weekends, and enjoying family barbecues. Even though you mostly use it in the summer, your deck remains exposed year-round to the elements. This is why it’s so important to establish a routine to keep your deck in good shape that will help you keep your deck protected and prevent needing future repairs. The maintenance tips below will help you keep your deck looking new for longer.

Clean it Regularly

Debris on your deck, such as dirt and leaves, can lead to rot by causing mildew and mold. You can use a power washer to easily remove any debris from your deck. Most local hardware stores rent power washers if you don’t own one yourself. It is important to keep the power washer nozzle moving, though, to avoid gouging the wood on the deck. After washing the deck, allow it to dry overnight. Cleaning your deck should be a regular chore.

Regular Repairs

If you have boards that are loose or broken, replace them immediately. Pay close attention to any area where the boards are over joists, especially in areas under the deck. Also, be sure to fix any loose screws and nails. This is a simple but necessary component of keeping your deck maintained.

Keep it Stained and Sealed

Protect any shrubs or plants around your deck with plastic sheeting. Use an 80 grit paper to lightly sand your deck, then apply the stain. Always wear gloves and protective eye wear, and give yourself two days with moderate temperatures and clear skies. Give your deck 48 hours to dry, then add the sealant as your final step.


Following the simple steps above will keep your deck looking nice for many years to come.